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Creative solutions for unique needs

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Naomi Griffiths

Naomi Griffiths is an independent Occupational Therapist and Case Manager specialising in working with children and adults with catastrophic injuries.  She qualified with a BSC (Hons) in Occupational Therapy in 1998 and has worked in Case Management since 2011, resulting in her undertaking professional mentorship of a number of case managers as a Clinical Supervisor.
She set up Griffiths Knight Case Management in October 2017 as an independent Case Manager and Occupational Therapist and currently has a caseload of children and young people from five to 22 years of age.
Among other aspects of Case Management, Naomi is highly experienced in:
  • Recruiting and managing large care teams
  • Supporting families to successfully appeal for Statutory Service funding and continuing health care funding
  • Supporting families through the Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) and tribunal processes
  • Sourcing, instructing and managing multi-disciplinary teams to provide rehabilitation treatment programmes for people with complex need
  • Undertaking safeguarding reviews and working with statutory services and private teams to ensure the safety of the client
  • Managing the purchasing and adaptation of properties for use by the client, their team and their family
  • Supporting clients through the litigation process and maintaining case management after settlement.

Her early career after qualifying as an Occupational Therapist was in Statutory Services, specialising in equipment assessment and provision and working with the wider team to secure adaptations for children and adults with physical disabilities.  This involved working collaboratively on the design of small modifications as well as larger building work to meet the needs of the client, their families and carers.

She has experience within a variety of different organisations, including NHS Community Paediatric Services, a special school for children with moderate learning disabilities and a private company specialising in the assessment and provision of dynamic Lycra splinting for children and adults with neurological deficits.  These roles equipped her to work as part of multi-disciplinary teams including Speech and Language therapists, Physiotherapists, Play therapists, Rehabilitation engineers, Social Workers and Psychologists.

In 2006 she joined the Occupational Therapy team at Chailey Heritage Clinical Services, undertaking regular treatment sessions with children and young adults with complex disabilities, with a particular interest in assistive technology and play.  She also participated in their Posture and Seating Clinics, coordinating a large team of professionals, setting goals and ensuring their implementation.

Naomi Griffiths

Naomi is an Advanced Member of the British Association of Brain Injury Case Managers (BABICM), and a State Registered Occupational Therapist with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC) and a member of the Case Management Society UK (CMSUK).

Fiona Adcock

Fiona Adcock is an independent Occupational Therapist and Case Manager, she joined Griffiths Knight in 2020. She has over 20 years’ experience as an Occupational Therapist working with clients with a range of neurological conditions – specialising in acquired brain injury in adults and children. In her various roles she has had responsibility for holding a clinical caseload, managing an Occupational Therapy department and developing a national community service for children with acquired brain injury (ABI).

She has an MSc. in Rehabilitation, focussing on her specialist interest in the rehabilitation needs of children with brain tumours. Her wide experience and skills include clinical assessment and intervention, project management, research design and implementation and presentation skills.

 Fiona’s areas of experience include:

  • Managing a case load of complex brain-injured clients (adults and children) as an Occupational Therapist
  • Supporting families through the rehabilitation process
  • Providing advice/reports for children with Education Health and Care Plans
  • Experience of recruitment, staff development and training
  • Working within multi-disciplinary teams providing rehabilitation
  • Providing advice/reports for equipment recommendations
  • Providing advice/reports for housing adaptations
  • Working 1:1 with clients with acquired brain injury, in relation to targeted rehabilitation
  • Experience of return to work activities with clients with ABI
  • Managing a successful ABI mentorship programme for Nurses on the ABI unit
  • Supervision of a multi-disciplinary team of staff
  • Developing standards of best practice
  • Experience of audit

After qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in 1992 she began her career within the Ministry of Defence Rehabilitation Unit working with armed forces personnel with orthopaedic, medical, and neurological conditions. This enabled her to develop her
assessment skills, work within a team and support veterans through the rehabilitation process. She then worked for the NHS in a new Community Team in Hounslow providing neurological rehabilitation at home before moving onto the Royal Surrey Hospital. Following this she moved into the Third Sector working at Unsted Park providing brain injury rehabilitation to inpatient clients. This developed her assessment and intervention skills working one to one with clients as well running cognitive and cooking groups. 

In 1999, she began working at The children’s Trust, specialising initially in the challenging behaviour unit and then working on the rehabilitation ward. During this time, she developed the OT service focusing on splint clinics, seating clinics, evidenced base practice and developing a culture of research within the department. She has presented at conferences, to solicitors and case managers on children’s brain injury. In addition, she has presented posters at international conferences and published in the British Journal of Occupational Therapy.

In 2013 she started working as an Independent Occupational Therapist, working for the Local Education Authority, Case Managers, and families.  She also provided clinical supervision to other Occupational Therapists working in schools and charities. She has a case load of children and young people from 5 to 20 years of age.

Fiona Adcock

Fiona has an MSc, Diploma in Occupational Therapy (DipCOT) and is a State Registered Occupational Therapist with the Health & Care Professions Council (HCPC). She is based in Surrey.